Which One Is Better, Samsung or Apple?

  • By: Jason Tidwell
  • 05 Dec, 2020

Samsung and Apple are both the giants of the world of smartphones. But there is a question arouses comparing these two – which is better? Considering their services, specification, the market value, we can come to a conclusion.

Both brands produce expensive phones and computers. Besides, Samsung is well known for their TV, refrigerators, washers and dryers and many other home technologies. They also make tanks (military equipment). Samsung also makes parts such as AMOLED screens (used on the iPhone X and Apple watch), RAM chips and SSD chips for phones and computers, camera sensors for smartphones, CPU processors, etc., which help them not only to capture a mammoth market but also to make a lot of money. On the other hand, Apple makes a morsel number of iPhones, computers which seems very expensive and everybody cannot afford it.

If we compare them according to the specification, it depends on your need only. The physical size of Samsung’s Smartphones is larger than those of Apple. So if you want to carry your phone comfortably, you can buy Apple’s set. Additionally, the speed quality is also better in Apple’s devices than Samsung. People in modern days are very busy. So they have to work very quickly. In this case, they can prefer Apple.

Samsung phones have two lenses, one wide-angle and one for distance, but you can get a better dynamic range in Apple’s devices. Both companies’ phones offer good camera quality. They both use bright, sharp, highly-calibrated screens. So in these cases, they both can be preferred.

These days, we keep personal data, official files, business information, etc. So, security is the first priority for us. Apple does it better than any other phone, including Samsung. Face ID recognition is the best innovation of Apple, which also works very faster than any other method.

Depending on your exigent, you can buy a Samsung mobile because on this phone you can get more storage space. Samsung’s storage capacity is good and there is a MicroSD card slot through which you can increase your storage if needed.

On the point of market value, in the mobile industry, Apple captured the larger part of overall global revenue, about 32%, while Samsung’s profit is only 17% according to a new report from Counterpoint Research.

Though Samsung is a big brand and famous for their various items, Apple is better in various points in the field of mobile. So which is better it depends on customers need and ability.

Jason Tidwell

Jason Tidwell

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